Getting Global… Together.

Meet April, SLE Brown Campus Director.


No, really, non sono una turista.

I’m not going to loiter around all the busiest spots in your city, I’m not going to blind you from the most beautiful views with my gigantic flash camera, and I’m not going to tromp into your culture and take only souvenirs as a representation of your existence.

I am April, and I am a proponent of a more global society. My hope is that nations will one day stop stereotyping other cultures into categorical boxes and stop perpetuating antagonistic thought. I believe that SLE supports a more humanistic, globalizing attitude by providing opportunities to engage foreign cultures through their courses.And that’s why I’m now SLE’s lead front-end developer and Brown University’s campus director.

When I was in high school, there was a proposal to start teaching Arabic in the school district. In fact it was going to be subsidized by the federal government. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the cultures around a language that was being attacked by nationalist propaganda. After being approved by the school district, the parents of our affluent Texas suburb protested that Arabic classes would convert their children into terrorists, when in fact the classes probably would have just made their children realize that Arabs are people, too. I mean French class definitely showed me there’s more to French culture than berets and baguettes. This event became the trigger to my dawning realization that things have to change.

And I think SLE is a good place to start that change.



Phuc Anh (April) Tran is a junior at Brown University studying Computer Science. She likes mild weather, dreaming about Italy, and using software engineering to upturn the social order.



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