Why We Communicate

Communicating in our native tongue is something we all practice every single day, but how often do we actually think about it?

If you were to pause and ponder why it is that you communicate, whether with a crazy driver on the freeway or even with you cat, what do you realize?


Why is it that we communicate?

 To Forge Relationships

Communication allows us to make connections with one another— to support, understand, grow, and connect through meaningful relationships or short-term acquaintances. From the tip of the hat to the parting wave, we either build relationships up or tear them down through body language and our very own words.

To Gather / Provide Information 

Admit it or not, we all love to gossip… so here’s a secret. Communication allows us to not only gather information, whether from the hair stylist or from the news anchor, but it also allows us to share this information with others. Don’t tell anyone I told you this…

Share Our Ideas

Ideas are one in a million; so how terrible would it be if we couldn’t share them? (Imagine the world we would live in could we not communicate to one another… peaceful right? Only kidding.) Sharing ideas, thinking out loud, expressing your opinions, and brainstorming are all important communication processes.

 To Persuade Others

There is no greater feeling than that of persuading others to think and do as we wish. It is through communication that we seek to change the world around us by shaping it into our own vision. The only way we can do this, however, is through the power of persuasion. Persuasion, as Jenny Mollen puts it, would be the greatest superpower of all time. Just imagine if Lux Luther were able to persuade Superman to join his side.

For Entertainment

Are you currently enjoying another Netflix series binge or singing along to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” ? If so you’re experiencing another reason why we communicate. Communication allows us to express our true spirits and abilities, whether creative or otherwise. So whether you enjoy reading by the fire, jamming out to Dubstep, or cracking a joke or two, you are expressing yourself, and maybe even giving others something to share in.

To Express Our Emotions

We’ve all experienced it— an explosion of emotions that cannot be kept inside. Seeking understanding, we express our emotions whether through a number of outlets, such as writing, singing, or in the arms of another. If we couldn’t communicate, we would never be able to build relationships with each other.

No matter the language we all strive to communicate for one reason or another. Tell us your reasons in a comment below!

Jack Achenbach

Jack Achenbach

I am an SLE Storyteller and a culinary nutrition student at Johnson & Wales University who believes that there is no limit to the size of one’s imagination nor the paths one travels. I am a writer, a sucker for a great story. I am chef with a culinary passion. I am an adventurer because I explore what yet I have not seen. I am a dreamer because I dream the impossible dream.

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