10 Fun and Easy Ways to Practice a Language

Want to explore some convenient and amusing ways to learn a foreign language?

If the answer is “yes”, then you have come to the right place!

Learning a new language can be a little tricky, but it is certainly achievable, especially when you are using effective techniques. The tricks and tips that follow will instantly wipe off some of your doubts regarding language learning!

Here are 10 easy ways for you to start learning a new language:

1. Connect with people who speak the target language and make friends. It makes no sense for you to learn a new language without having anyone to share it with, so embrace this beautiful learning process with others by joining a language community. You can do this in a number of ways, whether it is advertising locally, joining a Facebook group, or using online meet­up sites to get in contact with people in your area embarking on similar endeavors.

2. Study in a group. Forming a study group can quickly boost up your motivation due to the vital support and encouragement from your team members. You can use this space to quiz one another by playing games together, such as “I Spy” or even board games like Twister. There are even some online language learning platforms such as Mango Languages, which is organized through your local public library! Programs like Mango make meeting in a group and working together easy to accomplish.

3. Think about all the rewards and benefits you will gain from your hard work! First— think positively! This will stimulate you into wanting to keep learning and not giving up. Before you jump into the learning process, start by deciding what the benefits are from the language you have chosen. Studying a second language has huge advantages for your health, career, and social opportunities! Knowing what you want to gain from your language journey will keep you motivated.

4. Talk to yourself in the mirror, the shower, and as you go through your day. You can do this anywhere and at anytime! One approach is to record yourself using the same methods as Tim Doner, who records himself and plays his work back for studying and review! It’s perfectly fine to laugh and talk to yourself, and no one will be there to judge you!

5. Listen to music. Exposing yourself to music in your desired language can improve your speaking and listening capabilities. Finding cultural music with lyrics is best for learning via songs, as the lyrics only further reinforce the learning process. The internet has many resources that allow you to sing to learn languages—doing karaoke is a simple and fun technique to become more comfortable with any target language. Sit back and enjoy the music!

6. Watch films in a foreign language. Since we have talked about music, now try to engage yourself into watching films in a different language. One great thing about watching a film in another language is that you get to educate yourself about foreign cultures and customs at the same time. In most films, subtitles for english will be available, so the sky’s the limit for your choices! Watching films in another language, especially films that are accurate to the culture, are perfect for observing not only the words spoken but the way it is said and the slight normalities expected in the language.

7. Eat the food and read the menu! Keep in mind, food is a big part of every culture. This is a fantastic way for you to discover food names in your endeavored language while enjoying its unique cultural cuisine! Be creative in your strategies in studying a language from its menu. Try writing grocery lists in your target language for example! Translating items of any menus into your intended language is also a simple way to better your understanding of the language but also pass the time until the food arrives!

8. Find fun videos and clips online. There are tons of creative videos and clips online such as YouTube that actually teach you foreign languages and it’s FREE! If you are the type of person who has a short attention span then watching a quick video is your solution! Using online video series such as Easy Languages can be an entertaining and informative tip to learn the target language by increasing your preparedness when the language is spoken to you. TED’s language playlist is another easily accessed and widely used way to educate yourself.

9. Use helpful and convenient apps. There is a huge variety of language learning apps that you can test out! “Duolingo” for example is an excellent must­try app for language learners! “Lingual” is another new and reliable app that can enhance the experience in language learning apps.

10. Be creative and find different ways to make it fun! There are countless ways of making language learning a delightful and memorable experience. This could consist of games, songs, tongue twisters, stories, jokes and anything else you can think of. Labeling items found around your house or making small sticky notes is an enterprising way to be consistent with learning while unconsciously drilling the language into you! Altering the settings on your social media or your entire device to use your target language can also be a good way to adjust yourself into the preferred language. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination!

Ultimately, you have to believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities. Language learning is a great way to increase global understanding and engagement. Your life will be greatly enriched with remarkable benefits. Most of all, remember to have fun and enjoy this spectacular journey!



My name is YouMe Lin and I am a 19 year old Chinese American born in New York City. During my spare time, I enjoy blogging, traveling, and playing with music. Growing up speaking four languages has allowed me to connect with a diverse group of friends from different parts of the world.