Student Language Exchange Partners with LeaveURMark to Bring International Opportunities to Students

Student Language Exchange joins LeaveUrMark in promoting international educational opportunities and cultural exchange

The Student Language Exchange, a non-profit, student-led organization working to promote diverse language learning and global engagement among U.S. college students, officially announced the launch of its partnership with Leave UR Mark, a social enterprise that enables interns and volunteers from around the world to participate in meaningful projects in India.

The new partnership unites the Student Language Exchange and Leave UR Mark in their work to promote cultural exchange between peoples around the globe, particularly in relation to the sharing of language. In their joint-venture, the two organizations have established a plan to help university students both intern and volunteer abroad.

Leave UR Mark aims to connect interns, volunteers, and travelers with development initiatives in India that foster personal and professional growth, connecting them with local projects in diverse fields like economic development, international business, sustainability, journalism, and health. Their work is unique from other organizations in that every experience is personalized for each participant, matching local initiatives’ requests and missions with the interests of the volunteers and interns.

“SLE is a fantastic initiative that is training our students to connect with people from around the world through language and culture.  Their members demonstrate an openness to global interactions and cultural sensitivity, which are perfect starting points for working abroad.  We are ecstatic to host their students on our programs in India and accelerate their personal and professional development internationally,” said Prachi Jain, Marketing Director of Leave UR Mark

The Student Language Exchange and Leave UR Mark both seek to inspire and train the next generation of global leaders and changemakers through exposure and meaningful engagement with new communities. Together, they are reducing travel costs for going abroad and making these exciting opportunities more accessible to all interested, eligible members of the Student Language Exchange network. Through this new partnership, the two groups are expanding the narrative around cultural exchange and understanding.

“We are absolutely thrilled to work with Leave UR Mark to bring greater access to these programs to our students. Our students are passionate about immersing themselves in new languages and cultures – and this is a chance for them to connect their classroom experience with real world experience,” said Cody Scott, SLE’s Outreach Lead.

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Kirsten Craig

Kirsten Craig

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