Language Profile: Bulgarian

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Classification: Indo-European, South SlavicBulgarianAlphabet

Closest Living Relatives: Macedonian

Official Language In: Bulgaria, the EU

Linguistic Quirks:

  • no infinitives
  • pronouns can vary by number, “definiteness”, grammatical case, and gender (There’s three of them!)
  • one of the few Slavic languages with no noun declensions
  • the only official EU language that uses the Cyrillic script

Famous Speakers:

  • Saints Cyril and Methodius, pioneers of the Cyrillic alphabet
  • Hristo Botev, Bulgarian poet and national revolutionary
  • Kaloyan Mahlyanov, first European Sumo wrestler to win the prestigious Emperor’s Cup

Want to learn?
You can Find Bulgarian being taught at SLE Columbia this spring! In case you are not a Columbia student though, there are plenty of resources available to learn Bulgarian online, such as Livemocha, BulgarianPod101, or Omniglot’s Bulgarian page!

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