Language Profile: Armenian

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Classification: Indo-European, Armenian Branch

Official In: Armeniaimage001

Also Spoken In: Lebanon, Turkey, Cyprus, the USA, and in the Armenian diaspora worldwide

Linguistic Quirks:

  • Two major dialects, Eastern and Western
  • Has its own unique alphabet
  • One of the few Indo-European languages that is agglutinative, that forms complex words by the addition of suffixes
  • Oldest written text dated to fifth century AD

Noteable Armenians:

  • Hovannes Adamian, an inventor of color television
  • Tamar Kaprelian, Eurovision contestant and Columbia student

Want to learn?
You can find Armenian being taught at SLE Brandeis this spring! In case you are not a Brandeis student though, there are plenty of resources available to learn Armenian online, such as Learn101, Transparent Language, or Armenian101!

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