Ten Reasons Why Everyone Can And Should Learn A New Language

Thinking about learning a new language? Here’s why you DEFINITELY should start ASAP.

1. Age is not a limitation.


When people say you are “too old” to learn a language… lies! Added bonus: studies show that learning a language actually helps keep your brain young.

2. Learn for FREE.


There are multiple online sites and offline resources to learn languages at NO cost. One online example is Mango Languages! (Or start an SLE Campus at YOUR university!)

3. You can learn on your own time.


Being able to learn online or through software means that amidst your busy schedule, you can relax and study at your own pace!

4. Learning a new language is fun!


Stop munching while binge watching the new season of OITNB for the fifth time in a row and do something productive with your time. There are so many ways to learn a new language, including games and activities!

5. More language= more culture= more cuisines= more music= more more more!


Find new recipes, new artists, and new friends!

6. Worried about the job market? Learning a new language will boost your salary.


Employers are now looking for candidates who are bilingual to give them an edge in international markets. (Might help you on the dating scene, too, with that new accent…)

7. Discover a whole new world.


Learning a new language will show you brand new places and introduce to a whole population of other people and traditions! You can travel to new countries and actually communicate with locals. (Get to know where all the really good food and places to visit are!)

8. English isn’t the most commonly spoken language anymore.


Keep up with the rest of the world and expand your capabilities to communicate both at home and abroad!

9. Languages are dying.


YOU can be a part of helping to save them! Don’t just learn a new language, learn a language like Cantonese, Bulgarian, or Kiswahili, which are severely underrepresented in American education systems.

10. Because YOU CAN DO IT.


Add value to your global perspective, your résumé, your cookbook, your most recent Spotify playlist, or your travelogue by learning a new language! Save the linguistic world. Expand your interests and your vocabulary. We believe in you, Buzzfeed world. Start today!

Kirsten Craig

Kirsten Craig

Kirsten is a graduate student in Columbia University's Masters of Global Thought program. A lover of anything friend and everything sweet, she is passionate about the environment and the many ways our communication is intricately linked to its preservation.

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