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The Student Language Examiner is the online journal of the Student Language Exchange that aims to cultivate the language-learning experiences of American college students, both in their time as undergraduates and beyond. We are an open space for students to explore language and culture in ways that will strengthen their own personal and professional language journeys, or maybe even begin them. Encouraging our readers to look outside their own narratives, here at the Student Language Examiner we are working to construct a dialogue around language learning. The world is a diverse community of lingual and cultural identities, and we want to showcase yours— how can you join the conversation today?

leadership team:

  • editor-in-chief: Kirsten Craig
  • managing editor: Nicole Ong

student storytellers:

  • Kate Joseph

campus correspondents:

  • Ezra Wyschogrod

write for us:

Help us to revolutionize the way American college students view language learning and international education! We are looking for creative people who can express why global literacy is critical for our generation. Each team member will be responsible for generating at least one post per month on a topic. Some examples include writing on women’s issues around the world, creating photo-journalism pieces, conducting a series of SLE alum interviews, creating a monthly comic strip, etc. If interested, please submit your first pitch below!

Coming to us as a language guru or professional? We also accept blog submissions on language, global education, diversity, and other international issues. If you’re interested in writing a piece for our blog, please submit your pitch and we’ll reach out to you soon! We do not accept pieces that have been posted on major news sites or national blog platforms, although we will periodically consider pieces that have only been posted on personal blogs.

Interested? Email your pitch to examiner@studentlanguageexchange.org.