A Visual Journey Through SLE

Are you a student interested in joining the SLE community? Are you craving more info on SLE? Do you just want to explore an exciting visual? Check out this infographic. It’ll take you on a visual journey through the inner workings of SLE.

Welcome to the Halcyon House!

Home of taxation without representation, Frank Underwood and…the Student Language Exchange? That’s right, we’ve made the exciting move to Washington, D.C. and are thrilled to be doing our work out of the fanciest dorm in Georgetown!

Happy National Day of Giving!

So you shopped til you dropped on Black Friday, and clicked til you couldn’t on Cyber Monday, but now it’s time for something a little more meaningful. As we enter the holiday season, share the gift of giving with SLE and donate to us today! In order for us to keep giving free language sections…