Musical Translations

“Jetzt bin ich frei / So frei und schwerelos / Aus und vorbei / Ich bin frei und schwerelos / Und niemand fängt mich ein,” sings the chorus of “Defying Gravity” from the German production of the popular Broadway musical Wicked.

Dig In: Mayan

Vast limestone plains flourished with lush vegetated rainforests open up to ancient ruins and modern culture. There is a history behind the ancient architecture, a mystery still unsolved, but a cultural connection that is explicitly pronounced.

Language Barriers in Film

Some people speak one language, some speak another, others speak two or three or ten. Whether or not language knowledge overlaps, communication is not only possible, but it is essential. Though they may differ from reality, some films employ the use of language barriers to create a conflict and affect the message of the film.

Dig In: Newari

Glistening beneath tufts of cloud, the Himalayan Mountains rise into the sky. Marked by cultural, religious, and political boundaries, Nepal Mandala sits undisturbed in the heart of Nepal. This ancient confederation is home to the indigenous Newar people; heirs to the Kathmandu Valley since prehistoric times.